Yellowbird - Austin Heat


We got our hands on some Yellowbird sauces from Austin, TX. We're excited because everyone from Austin we've talked to has great things to say about this colorful assortment. We dove right into our package and this is what we thought:


Blue Agave: Fruity, sweet, low heat. Could definitely see this being put on multiple foods. Builds to a medium heat.

Ghost Pepper: Most surprising of the bunch. Peppery, almost like bbq sauce that gradually builds to a sustained heat. No whole mouth fire feel, just a nice constant heat. Not something we'd put on any food though necessarily. Maybe as a kicker for grilling. Heat seems to vary each tasting. Definitely milder than habanero - they seem to have cooked out most of the ghost pepper spice.

Jalapeno: Not much here. Tomatoey, mild pepper. Medium heat. General purpose sauce.

Habanero: We had some trouble with this one. Hot, sharp, immediate. Tastes like pureed habaneros. The reviewers of this sauce were not fans of this type of heat. If you like habaneros you'll love this though.

Serrano: Peppery, planty. Lime forward flavor. Heat fades in at the end rather than gradual build up through the tasting. Everyday sauce.