Heat 2 Heat: Captain Mowatt's Blue Flame vs Bravado Ghost Pepper + Blueberry

 Our contenders...

Our contenders...

For our first Heat 2 Heat, we're comparing 2 berry babies - on the left we have Bravado from Austin, TX and on the left we have Captain Mowatt's from Portland, ME.


First thing we noticed was the consistency. Bravado's was pretty thin while Captain's pooled - probably owes that consistency to the Maine seaweed they add to their sauces. We shook up the Bravado a bit more after this and it was a bit thicker, supported by ground black pepper bits.

For the flavor, we definitely favor The Captain. This unique sauce could very well replace cocktail sauce. Seriously. We might never use it again with seafood. The blueberry was there but subtle. We're sad to report that Bravado's sauce was just a bright heat with a lingering, almost artificial blueberry aftertaste.

Winner: Captain Mowatt's

Prize: Golden Spear

Spencer Frazier